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A visit to Ueno Green Club

Posted by admin on September 16, 2012

While preparing my visit to Japan, somebody recommended I visit the Ueno Green Club as they would be hosting a Shohin exhibition from Sept 15th to 17th.

 After several days of work in Tokyo, I finally had some time to myself and decided to make the trip.

 The Club is located at the edge of Ueno Park and  is easily accessed from the Metro.  On the Ginza Line stop at station G16 (Ueno) if want to stroll through the park and cross the pond or at Chiyoda Line, station C14 (Nezu) and have a short walk to the club.

 The address is:  "3-42 Ueno Kouen, Taito-ku, Tokyo" but for some reason it is hard to find on google maps.   See maps below

Ueno Park Map



Ueno Green Club Location

Strolling through the park, there are some interesting traditional buildings

and across the walkway over the pond covered in lotus

I finally arrived at the club.  The exhibition was on the second floor and showcased some members trees

On the first floor, several vendors were displaying trees, pots and tools along with some shohin stands and display slabs

I manage to pick up some leaf scissors, cut paste, shears, cut paste, stainless chop sticks, shohin stand and a slab for my accent plants.  The pictures were taken from a hotel room under poor light conditions

Along the way I found some shohin pots that I thought would work well for accent plants, I loved the glaze on those and was told they were from Seto near Tokoname ?

Outside the building they sell many species and some pines of course.  I was amazed at the prices, some looked great to me and were only 12,000 yen to 25,000 for the most expansive ($140 to $300 roughly).

18,000 yen

15,000 yen

18,000 yen

I hope you enjoyed this trip and like me wish we could import those trees easily